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By H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D.
February 24, 2020
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Our dental team offers a variety of ways to replace your missing teeth to get you smiling again.

Choosing the right tooth replacement option for you isn’t always easy. Sometimes you need someone who is an expert on this subject to be able to guide you, answer questions and determine whether dental implants (or other artificial tooth replacements) are the ideal fit. This is exactly what our West Roxbury, MA, dentists Dr. Hazem Wehbe and Dr. Monika Kaceli can do for you.

Here are some of the ways in which our dental team can restore your smile after tooth loss.

Dental Implants

Implants have become a very popular way to replace missing teeth because they are really as close to a real tooth as you can come. The implant itself replaces the roots of your missing tooth, which requires our West Roxbury, MA, restorative dentists to place the implant into the jawbone. Over time, the jawbone and implant naturally meld together until they become one solid unit. From there, a crown or multiple false teeth can be placed on top of the implant.

Implants offer a wide range of benefits such as:

  • An artificial tooth that doesn’t require special care or maintenance
  • A tooth that could last the rest of your life
  • Preserved jawbone
  • Fully restored chewing and speaking

Dental Bridges

If you are looking for a way to replace a single tooth then our dentists may recommend getting a dental bridge. In order to get a dental bridge we will need to make sure that the teeth that surround the gap are healthy enough to support your false teeth. If this is the case, then crowns are placed over teeth on both sides of the gap.

These crowns are connected to the pontic, or false tooth, in the middle. Once the crowns are cemented into place you will have a false tooth that will permanently fill the gap in your smile.

Bridges can be a great tooth replacement for these reasons:

  • It’s a budget-friendly option
  • Can be placed in just two visits
  • No surgery needed
  • Provides a fixed set of teeth that won’t shift or move around


If you are dealing with significant tooth loss dentures may be the easiest way to get your smile back on track. Dentures are designed to replace several teeth or even an entire row of teeth. They may be removable or held in place using special clasps or attachments. Dentures consist of a set of false teeth that sit on a foundation made to look like natural gum tissue.

Dentures also offer some great benefits including:

  • A simple, straightforward way to replace all of your missing teeth
  • A cost-effective tooth replacement option
  • An easy, non-invasive treatment
  • Dentures can be made and placed in weeks
  • Implants can also be placed to support your current dentures

Want to learn more about dental implants or the other tooth replacement options we offer adults in West Roxbury, MA? If so, schedule a consultation with us today by calling (617) 323-5000.

By H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D.
January 10, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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A healthy smile looks attractive, functions well, and lasts indefinitely. However, tooth loss can compromise all of these elements. Fortunately, if you have lost tooth or two, dental implants may be able to restore your smile. Here at our office in West Roxbury office, Dr. Hazem Wehbe and Dr. Monika Kacelli provide implants to qualifying patients—read on to learn more!

What does a dental implant look like?

A dental implant resembles a threaded screw or smooth cylinder. During a minor surgical procedure at our West Roxbury office, your dentist places the implant into your jawbone. After a brief healing period during which the implant naturally fuses with the bone, your dentist attaches a short metal post and realistic porcelain crown to the screw, completing this amazing artificial tooth.

Are dental implants superior to conventional tooth replacements?

Each patient's oral health needs are different. However, in most cases, dental implants provide a better solution to tooth loss than fixed bridges or dentures.

Why are they superior? Well, it's largely due to how implants are able to improve the gum tissue and bone that lie under and support the implant. Through a natural process called osseointegration, the jaw bone bonds to the titanium implant device. Osseointegration creates a firm foundation for the post and crown which complete the new tooth.

With dental implants, your speech will be clear and your biting/chewing efficient and strong. You won't need to remove or soak your new teeth. Just brush and floss as you do natural teeth. Amazing!

Does the treatment take long?

Consultation and planning take one visit with your dentist, and dental implant insertion only takes one to two hours. However, healing and osseointegration can take 6-12 months to complete.

Are dental implants hard to care for?

Not at all! Simply brush twice daily and floss once-a-day as the American Dental Association (ADA) directs. If you have any unique hygiene needs, your dentist or hygienist will give you special care instructions.

Get more answers...

During your implant consultation with Dr. Wehbe or Dr. Kacelli, you'll have the opportunity to ask all the questions you want regarding dental implants and about your particular oral health needs. To book your personalized consultation, please contact our West Roxbury office team at (617) 323-5000. We open at 8 am Mondays through Saturdays.

By H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D.
November 05, 2019
Category: Orthodontics
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If you want to love your smile just a little bit more, Invisalign might be right for you. Whether you're a teenager whose teeth are still Invisaligndeveloping or an adult who wants to straighten them discreetly, this alternative to metal braces uses clear aligners to transform your smile. H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D. - Family Dental Care in West Roxbury, MA, implements this innovative, cutting-edge dental technology to create a customized treatment plan to help you achieve your orthodontic goals.


How Invisalign Works

Invisalign aligners are clear, so they don't draw attention to your mouth as traditional metal braces do. They are easily removable, which means you can still eat and drink your favorite foods, and stay active in your favorite sports. Invisalign also makes it easier to brush, and floss because you don't have to maneuver between brackets. Whether you have an overbite, underbite, or teeth gaps, Dr. Hazem Wehbe in West Roxbury, MA, can assess your smile during the consultation process and develop a plan that is best suited to you.


The Treatment Process

During your initial consultation, we will scan your teeth to obtain a 3D image and ensure a great fit. There is no mold necessary, so you don't have to sit through the uncomfortable process. Once we finalize your treatment plan, you will receive your custom-made aligners that will shift your teeth in a matter of weeks. Every two weeks, you will change your aligners to start a new set. Invisalign treatment will take up to a year to complete, depending on your diligence with wearing your aligners 20-22 hours a day.

If you would like to begin straightening your smile on your terms, schedule a consultation with H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D. - Family Dental Care in West Roxbury, MA. To learn more about Invisalign as well as the services we provide, visit our website. For questions or concerns, please call (617) 323-5000.

By H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D.
July 17, 2019
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Need a root canal? Root canal therapy is a procedure used to fix a tooth that is infected or badly decayed. The infection is caused by bacteria that invade the tooth. This can happen after trauma, leaky fillings or tooth decay. A root canal from your dentist can save your tooth from having to be removed. H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D. - Family Dental Care, which is located in West Roxbury, MA, offers a full range of dental services their patients. Here are 5 signs you may need a root canal.

1. You have a toothache. A toothache is a sign that you may need root canal treatment. Toothache is pain in or around a tooth. Its level may range from slight to extreme. If left untreated by your dentist in West Roxbury, the pain will get worse over time. Root canal treatment will eliminate your pain and improve your well-being. Many patients have reported that root canals are no more painful than having fillings placed.

2. You have a bump on your gum. Have you noticed a bump on your gums? A bump on the gums is a sign that a root canal is needed. This bump may go away and then come back. The bump is filled with pus caused by bacteria inside the tooth. Pus is a natural result of the body fighting an infection.

3. Your gums are swollen. Gum swelling is a sign that you may need a root canal. If your gums become swollen, they may bulge out, or protrude. The swelling can range from being slight to quite pronounced. The swelling may have presented itself for the first time, with a slow or rapid onset. In severe cases, the swelling may extend into your neck or face.

4. Hot and cold bother you. Do hot and cold temperatures make your teeth hurt? Sensitivity to hot and cold beverages and foods may be a sign that you need a root canal. You may experience a short, sharp pain when the area is exposed to hot or cold temperatures through beverages, foods, or the air.

5. You have a darkened tooth. Do you have one darkened tooth? One darkened tooth may be a sign that a root canal is needed. Other causes of tooth discoloration include tobacco use, certain medications, and dark-colored beverages and foods. Consult with a dental practitioner if you are experiencing any of these problems.

Don't give up on your teeth. If you need a root canal, call H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D. - Family Dental Care at (617) 323-5000 right now to schedule a dental appointment in West Roxbury, MA. Our world-class dentist will make your root canal treatment painless, positive and stress free!

By H.F. Wehbe, D.D.S, D.M.D.
May 15, 2019
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Teeth whitening is an easy and effective way to rejuvenate your smile. Whether your teeth have become dull with age or are stained from Teeth-Whiteningcertain foods and beverages, teeth whitening can transform your smile. Some people try using over-the-counter products to whiten their teeth, but professional whitening treatments offered by your dentist deliver the best results. Dr. Hazem Wehbe is your dentist for professional teeth whitening in West Roxbury.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

The benefits of professional teeth whitening available through Dr. Wehbe’s dental office are numerous. A professional strength bleaching agent is used that can deliver a whiter smile in less time than is possible with over-the-counter whitening products. Additionally, your teeth will remain whiter longer with professional teeth whitening. With proper care, the results can last for several years before further whitening treatment is needed. Two types of professional teeth whitening are available: in-office and take-home teeth whitening.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening in West Roxbury is the quickest way to whiten and brighten your smile. Your teeth could be up to eight shades whiter after just one in-office teeth whitening treatment session. A professional strength whitening gel is applied to the teeth by a dental professional. Special precautions are taken to protect the gums and other sensitive areas from coming into contact with the whitening gel since the bleaching agent in it potentially can be harsh.

The whitening gel remains on the teeth for about one hour. After an hour elapses, the whitening gel is cleaned off the teeth, which will be significantly whiter and brighter. No additional whitening treatment session should be needed for a few years.

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Take-home teeth whitening from your dental office is a convenient way to achieve professional whitening results in the convenience of your own home. Patients who choose the take-home whitening option are provided with a professional quality whitening gel and whitening trays custom made for a perfect fit. To whiten, simply add some of the whitening gel to the trays and place the trays over each row of teeth for about an hour. Repeat regularly as instructed by your dentist to achieve a significantly whiter smile in just a few weeks.

There are many reasons to consider teeth whitening. It can brighten teeth that have become dull with age, eliminate stains and discolorations, and significantly whiten your smile. For professional teeth whitening in West Roxbury, MA, schedule an appointment with Dr. Wehbe by calling (617) 323-5000.

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